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  • Resulov Tofig Ashraf has been born in 1961 in Sheki, Azerbaijan.  He has graduated from school number 8.
  • Since 29.12.84 – has been a member of Painters Association.
  • In 27.12.85 – Attended XII International Festival of Youth and Students and got a  diploma also he has selected as laureate.
  • In 1986 – His art works have been demonstrated at the art exhibition called ” Azerbaijani Appliance of Decorative Art ” in the capital of Jordan, Amman.
  • In August 12-14, 1988 – Has got a diploma of United Soviets Folks festival.
  • In February 29, 1996 – Won the art exhibition within the “National Art and Self Occupy” festival and got the I place award.
  • In 1998 – Attended ” The I National Art Competition” as a participant and got the special award for his works.
  • In 1999 – Attended “The II National Art Competition” and got a regular certificate.
  • In 2000 – Attended “The III National Art Competition” and got the IIIrd place.
  • In 2002 – 2004 – He has been asked to repair the Khan’s Palace in Sheki
  • In 2007 – Attended in the design of Heydar Aliyev  museum in Yevlax.
  • In October of 2007 – Has been a representative from one of 53 Islamic Conference participant countries in Er-Riyad, Saudi Arabia.
  • In 2008 – Was involved into reconstruction of Shakh Abbas mosque.
  • On the 26 of September, 2008 – Attended Azerbaijan National Art Exhibition
  • On the 2-10 of November, 2008 – Attended The Appliance of National Art on Word’s architecture design and presented a “Shebeke” piece.
  • On the 23 of February, 2009 – Attended the exhibition in Gulustan saray in Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • In 2009 – His book called “Shebeke” has been published by Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy Architecture and Art Institute in 3 different languages. The book has been well presented in Sheki and Baku.
  • The following TV channels have made documentary movies about Tofiq Resulov: AzTv, Ictimai, ANS, Lider, Space, Medeniyyet, Xezer INT and also there have been a number of different newspaper and magazine articles about him.
  • On the 1 of December, 2010 – Attended the exhibition in the honor of the Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis in Moscow, Russia.
  • On the 21 of June, 2010 – Won a cash price when Ismayilli has been announcced the National capital of Art in Ismayilli, Azerbaijan.
  • On the 26 of April, 2011 – Attended International Tourism exhibition and demonstrated his art pieces.

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